Wedding Cakes

We love to make wedding cakes. They are so sophisticated, so special, so celebratory. Each is unique and has a story of its own...

Karen’s Bakery Cafe specializes in listening to your ideas, your hopes and dreams, your concerns, and then in helping you create a cake that is unique to you and your big day. Whether it is simple and stylish, detailed and highly-designed, one flavor or five, we want to hear what we can do for you to create a cake that will be as memorable as it is delicious.

We use only pure, natural, real ingredients, and think working with a seasonal palette is the best approach.

Call for a tasting appointment. We’ll be happy to set up a time when we can sit down to talk about your cake, taste samples, start some of the design process, and help make the cake of your dreams come to life...


Wedding cake tastings are by appointment only.  We schedule cake tasting/consultation appointments Tuesday through Friday, from 3:00-5:00 p.m.   If you have a timing conflict we can, on occasion, make special arrangements. 

A $25 consultation fee is required at the time the appointment is booked. A credit card number must be provided at time of booking. If you choose Karen’s Bakery Café to create your wedding cake the $25 consultation fee will be applied to the cost of  your cake. 

During the tasting, you are able to browse through our photo albums, search design inspiration on an I-pad, and talk through your ideas and desires with one of cake coordinators.   It is always a good idea to bring sketches, photos, or clippings with you so that we may get a clear picture of what you are looking for.  Color swatches, Pinterest pages, invitations and save the date cards can also help us try to coordinate the design.   

You will be asked for details of your big day. Details are important, and make a difference in the cost of your cake. The planning process can be a snap if you come with as many details as possible. A delivery address, ceremony time, number of guests, color palate, etc. are all factors that we appreciate having, as many of them have to be factored in to the cake design, planning, process, and ultimately, the estimate. 

You will be able to select up to four slices of currently available cakes. We will ask that you select these flavors prior to your tasting, so that we can make sure that each flavor is available, and at its best temperature to taste.  Three day notice is appreciated.

Wedding Cake Start at $5 per person.  The overall price is based on the type of number of servings, design details, delivery location, and many logistics that need to be taken in to consideration.

Delivery is an additional charge.  The delivery charge covers our time and fuel costs, as well as any set up time needed..  Prices will vary, but most range from $50 for local deliveries to $100+ for distant deliveries.

Once we have the information that is needed, we will send you a written estimate. We want you to read over the details on the contract to make sure we have everything correct. At that time a $50 save-the-date fee will be required. You will also be given a final count date. The final count date is the date we need to have your estimated number of guests. This is the number that will be used for billing and for cake quantities. The final count cannot be decreased after the final count date. On occasion, we can increase the amount of cake with enough notice, but we can never decrease it, as our plans are already in motion.

Thank you for considering Karen’s Bakery Café for your cake needs. We are excited to be a part of your big day, and to show you what we can do to make the sweetest part of your day really special.